Break Application


  ★ The return date of your choice within 6 months (skipping the wait-list!)

  ★ Eligibility to attend the monthly Make-Up Class while on break

  ★ Receive the lower “Enrolled Student” rate for all Privates!

  ★ Your paid-for classes are held until when you return

  ★ Your current tuition rate when you return

Break Application Policies


  • The Break Application must be submitted 2 weeks in advance of the Break, and the Break must be for 2 or more consecutive classes.

  • The current session must be paid in full, and the 100. Application fee must be paid before a Break can be approved.

  • Upon your return from a Break you must be enrolled for 8 consecutive classes, and are only eligible to apply for another Break after those 8 classes.

  • If a student’s Break Application is approved, the student’s unused classes will be on HOLD until their return date and your chosen return date is guaranteed.

  • If your return date changes, you must notify the studio at least 2 weeks in advance, otherwise, your classes will automatically resume on the date you have indicated on the Break Application.

  • A return date can only be changed once per Break Application.

  • All unused classes will expire 6 months from the beginning of the break.

  • Please note, only continuing students (those who have completed one entire 8-Week session) may apply for Break Status. 

I have read and acknowledged all of the Break Application Policies listed above. I authorize Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio to charge the 100. Break Application fee to the Credit Card I have on file in my Studio Director Profile. 

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Thanks for submitting!

A student wanting to take a break from class may apply for “Break Status” in order to HOLD their current tuition rate, paid classes, and/or their SPOT in the class, until their chosen return date. 

Please see the policies below.