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Student Testimonials
Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

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Emma Roberts

Scream Queens, Unfabulous

"Cynthia has really helped me and made it fun too! She Rocks!” 

Evan Ross

The Hunger Games Trilogy

"All of our hard work together is really paying off..."

Denzel Whittaker

Black Panther, The Great Debaters

"Cynthia's class is the bomb. She works to pull the best out of all her actors."

Devon Graye

LA Confidential, The Flash

"I noticed an enormous change in my callback and booking ratio within the first month of taking Cynthia's class..."

Megan Stott

Little Fires Everywhere, So Shook

"What an incredible person and coach! I love her classes and I can’t wait to get back! She will always make sure that we do our 150% in everything!!"

Leah Pipes

The Originals

"...It's a learning experience, not just about acting, but about people and yourself." 

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