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Audrey Whitby

Associate Teacher & Coach

  •  Her journey in the world of entertainment began at Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio, where she honed the skills and knowledge she now imparts to her students.

  • A dedicated and seasoned youth acting coach with a unique perspective rooted in her own experience as a child actress.

  • Audrey speaks the fluent language of "child actor.”



At the remarkable age of 14, Audrey secured a role in the ensemble cast of Disney Channel's sketch series, SO RANDOM, rapidly amassing a fanbase drawn to her humorous and relatable characters. Her career continued to flourish with starring roles in numerous Disney and Nickelodeon series, such as DOG WITH A BLOG, LIV & MADDIE, AUSTIN & ALLY, and NICKY RICKY DICKY AND DAWN. Particularly memorable is her portrayal of Cherry in Nickelodeon's THE THUNDERMANS, a role she inhabited for an impressive 50 episodes.

Audrey's repertoire extends to starring in several Nickelodeon pilots, including BAD FAIRY and IT'S ON. In the realm of film, she has graced the silver screen as the lead in Lifetime's 2018 film, THE PERFECT MOTHER, the beloved teen-comedy, THE STANDOFF, and the indie sensation of 2022, SID IS DEAD.

In addition to her illustrious acting career, Audrey has made substantial contributions as an acting coach and educator at Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio (CBYAS). She has curated transformative improv workshops and intensive programs, providing aspiring actors with invaluable skills and knowledge. Notably, Audrey recently lent her expertise as an onset coach for the Nickelodeon television show, DRAMA CLUB, elevating the performances of young talents.

Currently, Audrey is fully immersed in her role as a dedicated teacher and coach at our esteemed studio. Her commitment to nurturing young talent knows no bounds. Audrey's students have achieved remarkable success across the realms of film, television, and theater. They are drawn to her infectious positivity, steadfast support, and profound mastery of the art of acting, all of which contribute to their exceptional growth and achievements.


Audrey is honored to be an integral part of the CBYAS team, and her unwavering commitment lies in guiding her students toward the realization of their acting aspirations. With Audrey Whitby as their mentor, the future of young actors shines even brighter.

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