5 Ways to Improve Your Acting at Home

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In light of COVID-19, many in-person events have been rescheduled or canceled. At Cynthia Bain, we have created online acting classes so that you can keep learning and practicing even though you are stuck at home. We offer a variety of classes and private coaching, all done virtually. Being stuck at home is the perfect time to practice and perfect your acting skills. Read on to learn about 5 ways that you can improve your acting at home.

Take a Virtual Acting Class

The first step in improving your acting is to sign up for a Cynthia Bain online acting class. You will still receive the same high-quality instruction as you do in person, but it will all be done from the comfort of your own home. Each class comes with a portal page where students can learn all about the course. The portal page contains the Zoom meeting ID, a spot to “meet” the teacher, notes from the teacher, folder items such as questions and tongue twisters, downloadable “home-fun” and more! There is even a spot to enter your contact information so that you can keep in touch with classmates. All these features help make the virtual class seem a little more interactive. In addition, students who are enrolled also get access to exclusive webinars with VIP guests. For example, on May 5th, students had access to a chat with Cynthia Bain and director/producer/writer David Kendall. Registration for online classes can be done through the Cynthia Bain website. Remember, just because you are at home doesn’t mean that you can’t continue with acting classes. Also, some auditions are continuing… virtually! In mid-April, Nickelodeon announced that they were having an online open call for young comedic leading performers. Kids were able to audition from the safety of their own homes.