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Artistic Director, Master Class Teacher, and Coach

• An uncanny understanding of the Young Actor

• A professional young actor at age 14

• Studied with the legendary Roy London

• BA, Theater Arts, UCLA

• 15 years on Advisory Committee, 'Looking Ahead' a non-profit for young performers part of The Actors Fund 

• Young Actor Performance Consultant to major television networks and film studios


Cynthia Bain has been the Owner and Artistic Director of the renowned 'Cynthia Bain’s Young Actor Studio' (#CBYAS) for the past two decades. 

Cynthia's uncanny understanding of the young performer is rooted in her career as a young actor which started at age 14 when she was cast in a Guest Star role on the hit show ‘CHiPs' after her first very first audition. Numerous starring roles in feature films, MOW's, miniseries, network pilots, and episodic television followed. 

Seeking a comprehensive acting education, Cynthia paused her young actor career to attend UCLA, majoring in the School of Theatre, Film, and Television. At UCLA Cynthia discovered her passion for directing
 and teaching, and while there wrote, directed, and starred in numerous productions. 


After a talent competition in her junior year, she was drawn back into professional acting when she got signed by a top agency. Once again on her first audition, she landed the starring role in the cult classic "Pumpkinhead." Many roles followed including one that earned her an 'Ace Nomination for Best Actress' for her performance as Didi, the Midwestern wife of an army officer forever changed by his combat experience in HBO's acclaimed series "Vietnam War Stories." 

Since she was a year shy of graduation when she started professionally acting again, Cynthia continued her education at UCLA part-time, eventually earning her BA in Theatre Arts at the ripe old age of 30. It was during this time that she began her years of private study with her beloved acting coach, the late legendary Roy London, who inspired her work in coaching, teaching, and directing young actors. 

She officially opened her first acting class in 2000 with just seven students. Her first class grew into two and then three, enrollment increased rapidly, and industry referrals followed. In 2005, Cynthia purchased Studio City's Laurelgrove Theatre, renovated it, and it has been the home of 'Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio' ever since.

A believer of CANI (Constant & Never-Ending Improvement), Cynthia continually works to grow her knowledge base and evolve her highly-effective curriculum.

Today, Cynthia and the highly-trained faculty at #CBYAS are Industry-Renowned as being the go-to young actor coaches, teachers, and Performance Consultants for Networks, and Studios. In the past two decades, #CBYAS has kick-started the careers of literally thousands of professional young actors. Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio is regularly recognized for its incredible results as #CBYAS students rank among the top young actors working today including many Academy Award & Emmy Nominees in film and television.

Cynthia places great importance on education and emotional balance in her students' lives. As a decades-long member of the Advisory Committee of The Actors Fund's Looking Ahead program, she contributes to the design of education programs, seminars, and services that support young actors.




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